"Setting up my profile was effortless. Push notifications were perfectly timed; relevant, interesting jobs hit my inbox each morning and I was able to indicate my interest (or disinterest) in plenty of opportunities each day during my 25 minute commute to work. I felt like Switch took the time consuming, stressful formalities of formatting a resume and personalized cover letter for each job posting out of the equation but at the same time, provided transparency and a personal, connection with companies (hiring managers) directly. I feel like Switch breaks the barriers and limitations of paper resume and brings the human element back to the job search."

-Andrew Wilson

Customer Success Manager, Reflektive

"What I loved about Switch was how simple and intuitive the app was to use. After unsuccessfully working with pushy recruiters for months I was able to find my dream job with a quick swipe. If I had known that Switch was so effective I would have used it from the very beginning of my job search."

-Tyler McFadin

Business Development Representative, Reflektive

"Switch has been a great and effective recruiting tool for Reflektive. What makes Switch unique is that the conversation is initiated by a shared mutual interest between the company and the prospective team member. Dedication to the company mission is especially critical for startup's first hires. Moreover, every recruiter can agree that success and time management are directly correlated. Switch's ease of use is everything a recruiter could ask for."

-Michael Deayala

Head of Talent, Reflektive

Reflektive is a real-time employee engagement and performance platform built for the modern workforce. The company is changing performance management with their real-time feedback and recognition that helps measure employee engagement in the workplace today. Reflektive's closed their Series A funding with $13 million and a new goal to double their headcount. They found their two perfect candidates on Switch within a week.

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