"The team at Madison Logic was able to connect with dozens of potential candidates through Switch, who had a deep well of sales talent. We've hired two employees through the app and hope for many more!"

-Elle Achil

Talent Acquisition

"In joining Switch, the knowledge that I wasn't sabotaging my current position by browsing for new ones was very important to me. I was overjoyed to find Madison Logic and join their growing team."

-Erick McCloe

Sales Director

"Focusing too much on the job search can kill your spirit. By being able to search and apply for jobs on my own time, I was able to stay positive and present my best self to my eventual employer."

-Sal Gallo

West Coast Sales Director

MadisonLogic, a leading B2B ad network, is undergoing a rapid expansion to its team. The sales force was in need of an upgrade. Elle Achil, who heads talent acquisition, has been using Switch for more than 6 months. She hired two new sales directors.

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