"Switch has made it possible to save both a lot of time and untold dollars in the recruitment process. Since we started using the app in 2015, we've been introduced to several great candidates and made multiple hires with employees we wouldn't have found otherwise."

-Josh Paul

Director of Recruiting, Hightower

"Switch made the stressful and cumbersome process of searching for a job, extremely simple and enjoyable. The quality of jobs available and the ease of use were unmatched by anything that I have used before."

-Steve Couri

Business Development, Hightower

Hightower was one of Switch's first clients, and to date the company has hired four new team members through Switch. Founded in a Seattle coffee shop in 2013, Hightower is a leasing management platform that helps landlords and brokers increase visibility, save time and reach more potential tenants. In a little over two years, they've raised more than $22 million, have offices in five cities and are active around the world. In a fast-moving company built around addressing the inefficiencies of the commercial real estate market, Hightower is always looking for innovative tools to help accelerate hiring.

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