A Career in Product Management

Whether you’re kicking off a career or a seasoned pro considering a change, here’s our quick guide to Product Management.

What is Product Management?  

A product manager leads the development of software products, from concept through launch. These super organized product owners collaborate with marketing, sales, engineering, and design teams on all things related to new product development. They define release requirements, help define the product strategy, and provide guidance on product positioning. Their role often includes conducting focus groups, competitive analysis and data analysis, A/B testing, budgeting, and working directly with engineers and designers using Agile methodologies. They have expertise in digital media, B2b and B2C/Consumer products, as well as e-commerce product management. Bottom line: these pros are laser focused on optimizing products (throughout the lifecycle!) that drive business through a better user experience.

What does it take to work in Product Management?

Product managers keep software projects moving on time and on budget. As the product owner, they’re excellent at communicating with clients and internal teams alike. And they can always be counted on when it comes to defending product decisions. They’re rockstars at juggling multiple projects and priorities on deadlines, while delivering high quality work. Do you pride yourself on running a tight ship? This field could be for you.

Recruiters are looking for masters of these skills when they hire great people for Product Management positions:

  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Computer science
  • Proficiency in one or more programming languages
  • Presentation skills
  • Relationship management

What kind of salary range can I expect in a product management role?

The salary range for a product management role depends on work experience, specialty and location. Glassdoor cites the national average for a product management role is $103,124 Salary ranges change depending on specialties and location.  

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