"It's often difficult to find elite talent via digital job marketplaces, but with Switch, I found plenty of experienced candidates before ultimately settling on what has been an excellent choice."

-Rick Pereira

VP, Head of Talent @Crowdtap

"I've never had much luck with job apps, but I was pleased with Switch's interface and the recommendation algorithm. I found plenty of interesting positions at my experience level. Great stuff!"

-David Romeo

VP, Strategic Partnerships @Crowdtap

Crowdtap is one of the marketing world's fastest-growing and most cutting-edge outfits, with high-profile clients from Heineken to Hershey's. When making hires, the company seeks out creative problem-solvers, entrepreneurs and serial collaborators, especially for its high-level openings. Rick Pereira, head of talent, used Switch to source and hire Crowdtap's VP of Strategic Partnerships.

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