"The Business Development role has always been one of our toughest-to-fill positions at Cloudreach so I was very excited when I stumbled upon an intriguing new tool called Switch. I am a firm believer that successful recruitment is dependent on a commitment to ever-evolving techniques and disrupting the status-quo. Switch definitely embodies this philosophy with its unique approach to user experience. Not only did we fill our BDC role in record time, but we actually enjoyed using the application and on top of that, our hire has quickly proven to be a an invaluable asset here at Cloudreach."

-Emma Liebmann

Talent Acquisition Lead, Cloudreach

"Using the Switch App made the job search so easy and effortless. I was able to easily look at the job descriptions and select the jobs that I wanted to apply for quickly, without having to sift through irrelevant information. Once I matched with cloudreach for our mutual interest in technological innovation, I was able to communicate with PeopleOps and set up a time for an interview without any fuss."

-Sheila Moghadam

Business Development Consultant, Cloudreach

Cloudreach helps companies make the transition their digital data completely to cloud and adapt them to cloud ready tools. Emma was looking for a new Business Development Consultant, she found her match, Sheila Moghadam, on Switch.

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