“At Applause, we’re all about helping apps create seamless user experiences and frictionless workflows. With its mobile-first, easy-to-use interface and person-to-person interaction, Switch feels like a kindred spirit!”

-Roy Solomon

Co-Founder / VP of Product, Applause

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“Using an app for our hiring purposes seemed so out of the ordinary, but Switch’s design is so user friendly. The layout made sifting through candidates quick and simple. Switch helped streamline our talent search.”

-Jennifer Chin

Associate Recruiter, NBC Universal

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“Switch really is hiring made easy. For a small, fast-growing company like ours, Switch takes the stress out of the hunt for great candidates and allows us to focus on servicing our clients.”

-Mark Garcia

Creative Director, Majestyk

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“It’s often difficult to find elite talent via digital job marketplaces, but with Switch, I found plenty of experienced candidates before ultimately settling on what has been an excellent choice.”

-Rick Pereira

VP, Head of Talent, Crowdtap

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“Oh Switch, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Switch’s convenience and smooth, streamlined design has officially changed the game — and that’s just the way I like it.”

-Christopher White

Founder/CEO, Sneakers

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“Because this was a senior position and a very specific role, it was not easy to find a suitable candidate — even through head hunters. A few months later we found David on Switch and realized he is our man.”

-Neta Dagan-Sender

HR Manager, Apester

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“The team at Madison Logic was able to connect with dozens of potential candidates through Switch, who had a deep well of sales talent. We’ve hired two employees through the app and hope for many more!”

-Elle Achil

Talent Acquisition, Madison Logic

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“PRIV was looking to hire quickly. Switch made it easy to select quality candidates and set up interviews which led to elite talent and great conversations.”

-Courtney Jerdan

Chief Operations Officer, PRIV

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“When we started searching for a Senior Sales Manager, we thought the process would take months. Instead, we found the right candidate in our first interview thanks to Switch.”

-Sarah Dabby

Head of Talent, ClickTime

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“Switch has made it possible to save both a lot of time and untold dollars in the recruitment process.”

-Josh Paul

Director of Recruiting, Hightower

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“Switchapp displays our jobs beautifully on their user friendly app and delivers quality candidates.”

-Alison Vidler

Human Resources Business Partner, Odyssey Online

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“My experience with Switch has been really great. Not only is it easy to skim through and connect with candidates, but the quality of the candidates is strong as well. We were lucky

-Amy Fitzgibbons

Director of Marketing, PhotoShelter

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“This is such a new platform, I found the applicants to be progressive in their job search, which is exactly the forward thinking people we want to hire.”

-Kathryn Cunningham

Marketing Manager, Iluminage

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“Switch has been a great and effective recruiting tool for Reflektive. What makes Switch unique is that the conversation is initiated by a shared mutual interest between the company and the prospective team member.”

-Michael Deayala

Head of Talent, Reflektive

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"The Business Development role has always been one of our toughest-to-fill positions at Cloudreach so I was very excited when I stumbled upon an intriguing new tool called Switch. I am a firm believer that successful recruitment is dependent on a commitment to ever-evolving techniques and disrupting the status-quo. Switch definitely embodies this philosophy with its unique approach to user experience. Not only did we fill our BDC role in record time, but we actually enjoyed using the application and on top of that, our hire has quickly proven to be a an invaluable asset here at Cloudreach."

-Emma Liebmann

Talent Acquisition Lead, Cloudreach

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