"Because this was a senior position and a very specific role, it was not easy to find a suitable candidate -- even through head hunters. A few months later we found David on Switch and realized he is our man. The process was easy, and we are very happy to find a great candidate so simply and easily!"

-Neta Dagan-Sender

HR Manager, Apester

"I love how accessible the app makes hiring managers and decision makers, and removes that impersonal layer that creates so much anxiety on the part of the user. You know that you've matched with someone because they are interested in you, and that confidence encourages you to pursue the conversation."

-David Rosenbloom

Director, Publisher Relations

Apester bills itself as the next generation of digital storytelling, a service that helps media firms revolutionize reader engagement. The New York-based company features clients like The Telegraph, The Next Web, and the Huffington Post. As a next-generation company, Apester went with a next-generation hiring service when filling a Director of Publisher Relations role in the fall of 2015.

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