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Switch automatically matches the right candidates to your job posting, leaving you with a pipeline of only the most qualified candidates and a personalized, seamless hiring experience.

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  • Reach passive candidates who are actually looking
  • Integrate with your ATS!

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  • Applicant funnel management
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Connect With Top Talent

"If you are looking for a job in the technology industry Switch job search app is an excellent option!"

“...Switch's design is so user friendly. The layout made sifting through candidates quick and simple. It helped streamline our talent search and we hired our new DevOps Engineer!”

Jennifer Chin

DevOps Engineer, NBC

"Thus far, Switch has big-name companies like Facebook, Amazon, Wikipedia, eBay, Imgur, the New York Times, and more."

"Looking for an outstanding engineer is a difficult process, but Switch makes it really easy to find the needle in the haystack."

John Cline

Software Development Manager, eBay

"...Switch goes beyond waiting for employers to sign up for the service, pulling in job listings from across the Internet’s many job boards for users to swipe on."

"I tried a lot of job services, and they all seemed to give me a lot of jobs that had nothing to do with my career path. With Switch, I only saw relevant postings. What a relief!"

Joe Graham

Software Engineer, eBay

Switch lets users set up a profile with their resume. The platform then creates an anonymized profile, so that the user is hidden from all companies listed on his or her resume.

"Switch shows me interested, quality candidates who are looking to make a move from their current job. I get from interest to interview faster than ever before."

Christopher Curti

Account Executive, Yelp

"Switch allows you to quickly browse through available job listings. You swipe right on jobs you’re interested in and left on jobs you want to pass on."

"It's often difficult to find elite talent via digital job marketplaces, but I found plenty of experienced candidates before ultimately settling on what has been an excellent choice."

Rick Pereira

VP of Strategic Partnerships, Crowdtap

"...Wish you could let a hiring manager know you’re interested in a job without going through the hassle of drafting the perfect cover letter? Your wishes have pretty much been granted..."

“When we started searching for a Senior Sales Manager, we thought the process would take months. Instead, we found the right candidate in our first interview thanks to Switch.”

Sarah Dabby

Sr. Sales Manager, Clicktime

"I love Switch's simple user interface. I can post jobs in minutes and communicate directly with candidates by lunchtime!"

Charlie Gray

President, Gray Scalable

"Switch shows me interested, quality candidates who are looking to make a move from their current job. With Switch, I get from interest to interview faster than ever before."

Ira Silberstein

SVP, Taboola

“The hiring experience is easy, personal and extremely valuable. The talent on Switch is energized, innovative and looking to join teams where they can have an impactful career."

Adam Nelson

CTO, Factr

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