Odyssey is built to capture the ideas of many and organically amplify those viewpoints to users around the world, by incorporating social networking and publishing. Odyssey's "relevance engine" matches users with content they want to see, allowing them to lead conversations and drive engagement. Alison was looking for a new Assistant Managing Editor, 4 days of posting her job on Switch, Ellie had an interview with Odyssey.

"With more and more people choosing mobile over desktop this is the new way to apply to jobs with just a quick swipe. Odyssey is a social content platform that discovers and shares millennial voices and better way to appeal to millennials than having your jobs accessible on a mobile device? Switchapp displays our jobs beautifully on their user friendly app and delivers quality candidates. Within a matter of minutes after posting a position I found Ellie our new Assistant Managing Editor! Switchapp is the future!"

-Alison Vidler

Human Resources Business Partner @ Odyssey Online

"Using Switchapp was fast and easy. I was able to sort through a list of open positions each day by simply swiping left or right. I was really excited to match with Odyssey and talk to Alison, their HR Business Partner, about the role. Then, two weeks later after completing three rounds of interviews, I was hired and successfully switched careers!"

-Ellie Conley

Assistant Managing Editor @ Odyssey Online

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